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About Dog Attacks

Every year millions of adults and children are injured by dog bites. It is far more likely that a child will be the victim of a dog bite than it is for an adult. If you or your child has been the victim of a dog attack, you should speak with a catastrophic injury attorney immediately. The injuries in these cases can be very serious including severe head, scalp, neck and facial wounds that can result in permanent disfigurement and are prone to serious infection.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that children possess an inquisitive nature, they are inflicted with more dog attacks per year than adults. It is important that parents keep a watchful eye on their children's activities especially if their neighbors own dogs. Children are often emotionally injured by dog attacks and as a result they become fearful of dogs or the outdoors. In order to ensure your child receives the care he or she is due, it is important to pursue compensation for his or her injuries by hiring a skilled attorney.

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When is a dog owner liable?

California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite injuries, which typically means that a dog owner will be liable for any damages caused by his or her dog, regardless of the animal's history or behavior tendencies. Generally, this means that an owner will be responsible to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and any lost wages. However, there are some exceptions.

A dog owner will be held liable if:

  • The victim was on public property
  • The victim was lawfully on owner's private property
  • The victim was on owner's property upon invitation
  • The victim's damages were a direct result of a dog bite

According to the law, if you were trespassing on an owner's property, or the dog acting in defense to your own provoking or harassing actions, the owner may not be responsible to cover the full scope of your injuries. Furthermore, police, military, and government employed dogs are not liable for any damages they cause while performing their duty.

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While it may seem automatic that you receive compensation for dog bite damages, it is not always guaranteed. It is essential that you have a catastrophic injury lawyer in your corner who knows the law and can fight for you. Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates has built a reputation for extremely experienced and skilled representation in personal injury cases and has been representing those injured by dog bites since 1977. In most cases the dog owner has insurance which will cover the compensation for the injuries. It is an urgent matter that all evidence gets preserved.

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