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Serious injuries received from an electrical, chemical, fire or gas accident can be life threatening or fatal. Burn injuries are extremely painful, requiring long‑term rehabilitation. The victim is often disfigured or permanently disabled. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an electrical, chemical, fire or gas accident, you should immediately contact a catastrophic injury lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights to compensation for your injury. The firm of Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates has successfully represented clients injured in an electrical, chemical, fire or gas accidents, including the following:

About Electrical, Chemical, Fire & Gas Accidents

There are codes and standards which if adhered to can help prevent accidents. Inherently dangerous activities such as dealing with electrical wiring or electrical vaults, dangerous chemicals or hazardous materials can result in terrible accidents such as explosions or fires. Resulting injuries might be electrocutions, burns, poisoning, or possible deaths. Prolonged and repeated exposure to harmful burning chemicals or materials may be lead to a serious illness or cancer.

Insufficient training in handling of dangerous materials or in safe procedures can be contributing factors in serious fires. Insufficient labeling on containers of dangerous chemicals can lead to mishandling of the contents. If negligence or reckless behavior are a contributing factor in the electrical, chemical, fire or gas accident then you may have reason to file a lawsuit for damages. You may be entitled to sue for medical bills incurred and future medical costs, loss of wages and future earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and possible property damage. If the tragic event resulted in a fatality, you may file a wrongful death lawsuit to benefit those loved ones left behind. Before you settle with an insurance company, you need to speak with an attorney to assist you in pursuing maximum compensation for your burn injury. Contact Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates today for an appointment to review your case with an electrical, chemical, fire & gas accidents attorney.

Contact a California burn injury attorney for a free consultation today. Even after your case is accepted for representation, you do not pay any costs or fees until there is a recovery. If there is no recovery, then there are no costs or fees.

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