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Premises liability concerns injuries sustained due to an unsafe condition on real property. This can include for example, swimming pool accidents, slip‑and‑fall incidents, roof cave‑ins, defective stairs, faulty balconies, missing railings, inadequate barriers, dog‑bites, electrical accidents, lead poisoning, hidden holes, and non-tempered glass. A premise liability case can occur in many different places including: houses, apartments, commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, stores, parks, auto mechanic shops, vacant lots, and amusement parks. An owner of the property or occupier with right of control may be liable for such injuries if it can be shown that they had a duty of care and were negligent in the performance of that duty. Establishing liability in these cases can be difficult. Call for the services of an accident attorney knowledgeable in the law of premises liability to build a successful case for the optimum recovery.

Duty of Care

An owner or occupier of property with right of control has a duty of care maintain the property in a safe condition. The duties of the owner and occupier also vary and one or both may be liable for an accident. The jury may consider whether the owner or occupier acted with reasonable care to inspect and correct hazardous conditions or to erect protective barriers and if not possible, to warn of the danger.


Once liability has been shown, the injured person may recover past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of income, and past and future pain and suffering.

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Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates is a premises liability law firm with over 30 years courtroom experience during which the firm has won many verdicts in excess of one million dollars. The firm is known for its responsive service, frequent communication with clients, superior trial preparation and cutting‑edge courtroom presentation. The firm is based in Beverly Hills, California but provides service to clients across California. You are encouraged to contact the firm where an experienced premises liability lawyer will consult with you about your case and advise you of how the firm may help you with your claim or lawsuit.

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