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California Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents

Construction sites are full of hazards and dangers to workers and visitors alike. One of the most common causes of injuries to construction workers are falls from ladders and scaffolding on the site. Federal and state law both mandate the maintenance of construction sites in order to ensure the safety of its workers, however, these standards are not always followed. If you were a victim of a ladder or scaffolding accident, you need an attorney who knows how to take action.

At Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates, our firm houses what is believed to be one of the largest private collections of insider, industrial documents which the lawyers uncovered in one of their epic battles with one of the largest ladder manufacturers in the United States. Our resources paired with our history of success, noteworthy victories, and numerous accolades can give you the confidence of knowing that your rights will be protected.

Who is liable for my injury?

One of the most complicated aspects of suffering an injury in a construction site accident is determining where to find the financial support to recover. In ladder and scaffolding accident cases, there are a number of different ways to receive compensation. All employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover any injuries to employees while performing job functions.

However, if your employer does not carry worker's comp, or if the injury was caused by intentional actions or the negligence of a third party, you do have additional options to recover support. For example, if the ladder or scaffolding was faulty or poorly designed, the manufacturer of the product could be liable.

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Scaffolding design, construction, and inspection are highly regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers, employees, and management must adhere to these regulations. Any violations and the responsible party will be liable for the consequences.

Design requirements cover:

  • Type of equipment
  • Methods of construction
  • Protocol for usage
  • Capacities

These should all be consistently inspected and supervised for the sake of maintenance and finding any dangerous defects. In order to prove liability due to the violation of regulations, it is often crucial to examine expert witnesses who can analyze the situation to determine whether or not negligence occurred. Furthermore, many of these cases involve a claim that the injured individual made a mistake. We face this issue head-on and win sizeable verdicts and settlements under the law of comparative negligence.

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