John Doe1, John Doe 2, and John Doe 3 v. Ace of Hearts, Inc. (2010) (Los Angeles Superior Court)


This was a dog bite case. Ace of Hearts was a dog rescue agency. Ace gave an American bull dog named Nemo to Foster Owner #1. Nemo attacked and mauled Foster Owner #1's mother. After the attack, Foster Owner #1 returned the dog to Ace after Ace threatened to sue FO#1 if he euthanized the dog. Upon Nemo's return, Ace gave the dog to Foster Owner #2 without disclosing the first mauling. FO #2 took the dog to Denver where it attacked and mauled a 4 year old girl. The dog was then returned to Ace. Ace then gave Nemo to Roommate #1 to care for the dog while Ace located a permanent home. Ace did not disclose the two prior attacks. While in the care of Roommate #1, the dog attacked Roommate #2 and Roommate #3. The rescue agency never told the roommates that the dog was sick and had previously attacked the nurse. Roommates #2 and #3 sued the agency for their personal injuries. Roommate #2 sustained a torn extensor tendon which required surgery. His medical bills were about $25,000. Roommate #3 sustained a bite on the leg. He incurred about $1,500 in medical bills.

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